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What's Included:


Mobile Wash & Wax Lexington SC

Wash & Wax

  • Remove bugs and tar from the vehicle

  • Thoroughly clean your wheels and tires

  • Hand wash the entire vehicle with premium equipment to prevent scratches and swirls

  • All exterior windows and mirrors are cleaned

  • Dress the tires with tire dressing  

  • Apply wax to ensure the paint is protected


Benefits of a Wash & Wax

  • Protects the vehicles paint by adding a layer of protection 

  • Smooth finish that forces the water to bead right off the vehicles paint

  • Helps eliminate the chances of water spots 

  • Creates a more glossy look to the vehicles paint


*Please note that the price depends on the condition and size of the vehicle

Small Vehicle

(2 seater or equivalent in size)


Medium Vehicle



Large Vehicle



Our Wash & Wax process:

  1. Clean wheels and tires

  2. Thoroughly wash the vehicle

  3. Clay bar the paint to remove embedded debris

  4. Dry the car with forced air and high quality towels

  5.  Apply a layer of wax to the vehicle

  6. Dress the tires to make them stand out

FAQs of Wash & Wax

How long does this service take?

Typically this service will take 2-4 hours but it could go more or it could go less depending on the condition the vehicle is in.

Do you come to me?

Yes in fact we do. We are a mobile detailing company meaning we travel to your location to make it less of a stressful process for you.

Can I pair this with another service?

You can pair the interior cleanings with any other services! We recommend pairing this service with the Gold Interior Cleaning

How can I pay?

We accept cash, check, venmo, credit, and debit cards!

How can I maintain this condition?

If you would like to keep your vehicle in this condition ask us about our maintenance program.

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