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Full Interior Detailing Lexington SC

Full Shampoo of seats and carpet

Full Interior Detail

What's Included:

  • ​Thorough vacuum of the entire vehicle

  • Interior windows cleaned

  • Cupholders, Dash, Door panels, Steering wheel cleaned

  • Windshield and back windshield cleaned​​

  • Carpet & Seats shampooed

  • Leather seats are cleaned and conditioned (If applicable)


Transforming your interior into something you didn't know was possible

The full interior detail package is a service that will transform your vehicles interior into what it was when you drove it off the car lot!

With this service we will clean your vehicles interior from top to bottom as well as shampoo the upholstery and carpets.

Our team will try their best to remove every stain possible. With that being said there is a chance some stains will not come out no matter what we try but I assure you we will try our best.

Our Work

The Process for a Full Interior Detail

  1. Throw away all trash that won't vacuum up

  2. Thorough vacuum of entire vehicle 

  3. Clean dash, cup holders, and all plastic throughout the vehicle 

  4. Shampoo seats and carpet to remove stains

  5. All interior windows are cleaned


*Please note that the price depends on the condition and size of the vehicle

Small Vehicle

(2 Door/BMW Z4)


Medium Vehicle



Large Vehicle

(Tahoe/Tundra/Mini Van)


FAQs of Gold Interior Cleaning

How long does this service take?

Typically this service will take 2-4 hours but it could go more or it could go less depending on the condition the vehicle is in.

Can I pair this with another service?

You can pair the interior cleanings with any other services! We recommend pairing this service with the Wash & Wax.

Do you come to me?

Yes in fact we do. We are a mobile detailing company meaning we travel to your location to make it less of a stressful process for you.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, check, venmo, credit, and debit cards!

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