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Windshield Ceramic Coating in Lexington SC

Benefits of having your windshield polished and ceramic coated:

  • Improved visibility

  • Water beads off the windshield 

  • Easier cleaning on the glass

  • Enhanced clarity

Why should you have your windshield polished and ceramic coated?

The most important part of having your windshield polished and ceramic coated would be the improved visibility​. The ceramic coating that we apply to windshields will keep you more safe in a thunderstorm or just a heavy summer storm. The ceramic coating makes the windshield bead all the rain water as soon as it hits the glass therefor improving your visibility making it safer for you on the road.

*If the right side of the picture resembles your windshield in a rain storm, you may want to consider having your windshield treated.

One Size Fits All Pricing:

Windshield Ceramic Coating


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