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Gold Detailing Package in Lexington SC

Deep interior cleaning with a paint enhancement on the exterior

The gold detailing package includes a deep interior cleaning on the inside and a one step paint enhancement on the exterior paint. A one step polish will generally reduce up to 50% of scratches and imperfections.

This package will be a complete reset on your vehicles interior and exterior. The one step polish will make your paint much more glossy by removing scratches and imperfections. This package also includes an engine bay detail. Having your engine bay cleaned has many benefits. By not having your engine bay cleaned you may be limiting your vehicles performance with debris such as dirt, leaves, oil, etc.. clogging the engine components which could limit airflow and cause the engine to overheat.

The Gold Detailing Package is a great package for anyone looking to sell their vehicle, hit a reset and fall in love with your "new" vehicle again, or if you just bought a car and it just isn't up to your standards.  

Typically this service would only need to be performed once a year. If you would like to maintain the appearance of this service you may be interested in our maintenance program. 

The benefits of our Gold Detailing Package include improved interior comfort and air quality, increased resale value, and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance for your vehicle. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that each client's specific needs are met.

The Fenters Auto Detailing Process


  • Clean the rims, tires and wheel wells

  • Clean the door Jambs

  • Pre-rinse the entire vehicle

  • Foam down the vehicle and hand wash

  • Dry with premium drying towels and forced air

  • Clay bar & Iron decontamination

  • One step polish

  • Apply a layer of wax to the paint

  • Apply tire shine


  • Use forced air to lift embedded dirt out of the vehicle

  • Initial vacuum

  • Wipe down and detail all surfaces (Door panels, Cup holders, etc..)

  • Spray carpet and seats with shampoo and agitate with drill brush

  • Extract the seats with a Mytee extractor

  • Steam clean the carpet

  • Clean headliner

  • Clean the interior windows

  • Dress the plastics with a UV protectant 


Small Vehicle


Medium Vehicle


Large Vehicle


***Pricing depends on size and condition of vehicle***

FAQs of the Silver Detailing Package

How long does this service take?

Typically this service will take 4-6 hours but it could go more or it could go less depending on the condition the vehicle is in.

Where is your service area?

Our most common service area is Lexington SC. Although, we do service Columbia, West Columbia, Cayce, Blythewood, Irmo, Chapin, Leesville.

Does the Gold Detailing Package remove all scratches?

This package does not remove all scratches from a vehicle. In order to remove "all" scratches it would need to be a more in depth service. With this package the one step polish will remove up to 50% of scratches and imperfections.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, card, check, or venmo. If you use a check the check can be written out to "Fenters Auto Detailing"

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