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Bronze Detailing Package Lexington SC

The bronze detailing package is a great package for the person looking to get a vehicle detailed that isn't too terribly dirty. 

This package gives you the benefit of getting both the interior and exterior detailed while maintaining a reasonable price. If you do however have stains you would like to have removed from the interior of the vehicle the silver package may be the best package for you. 

This package is ideal for someone who has already hit the reset button on their vehicle. The goal of this package is for us to keep your car looking nice and clean. We also offer a maintenance program where we come every month, week, or bi-weekly to maintain your cars condition. If you would like any other information on the maintenance program, give us a call or speak to us during your next appointment.



  • Tires and rims cleaned

  • Door jambs cleaned 

  • Hand wash 

  • Spray wax applied

  • Air dried

  • Tire shine applied


  • Compressed air used to loosen dirt

  • Thorough vacuum in cracks and crevices

  • Full detail on all surfaces (cupholders, door panels, etc..)

  • Windows cleaned


Small Vehicle


Medium Vehicle


Large Vehicle


***Pricing depends on size and condition of vehicle***

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