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Engine Bay Detail

Engine Detailing in Lexington SC


Here is what you will receive with the Engine Detail:

  • Leaves and any accumulated dirt and oil is removed

  • Use brushes to get into hard to reach places to 

  • Degrease grime and oils 

  • Apply a protective water based dressing to shine up the black trim 

Simple Pricing:

Small Vehicle

(2 Door/BMW Z4)


Medium Vehicle



Large Vehicle

(Tahoe/Tundra/Mini Van)


Our Engine Bay Detailing process:

  1. Cover the alternator and battery

  2. Remove all bigger debris that is stuck in the engine bay (leaves, sticks, etc..)

  3. Spray water into the engine bay

  4. Spray degreaser into the engine bay

  5. Use brushes to agitate the dirt and oil

  6. Rinse the engine bay with water

  7. Use micro fiber towels to dry the water

  8. Apply a high shine dressing to make the engine pop out when you open the hood

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